Acid Labs boosted Walmart's operations with the power of data

Since the beginning  Acid Labs’ objective has been to organize and improve processes, advising and acting as a specialized partner in the planning, development, and execution of initiatives, among which the following stand out:

Business organization of the company

With the clear purpose of contributing to business growth, Acid Labs began with a stage in which it focused on the organization and understanding of Walmart’s internal processes. This was key to knowing how to focus each of the strategies and diagram a work plan that would strengthen and promote digital assets.

Walmart is a U.S. multinational retailer with stores in most Latin American countries. Its expansion is undeniable, due to the variety and quality of products that are part of its portfolio. Like most companies, it has been preparing for the digital challenges of the future, so it has relied on Acid Labs as its strategic partner to strengthen each line of business. 

An assertive communication channel was defined, processes were standardized once the business focus was understood and high-value proposals were made to position the company as a leader and reference in the sector to which it belongs.

Professional staffing

Many times, finding the right profile to take on a specific responsibility is not easy. Acid Labs advised and reinforced Walmart’s recruitment process so that they could find the profiles they needed for each process, saving time, effort, and selection costs.

Project development

Walmart has strengthened its processes with technological projects that, thanks to their innovation level, have contributed to the retail market’s positioning. Acid Labs played a leading role in guiding and executing various customized solutions for the American multinational.

System automation

Walmart’s data systems were updated manually and, with the objective of modernizing and achieving more immediacy, work began on system automation, so that loading was instantaneous, processing was simpler and understanding was intuitive.

Data Analytics

This point is the one that has shown the most progress. Acid Labs has worked on different dashboards that have been very useful for the Walmart team, as they allow them to monitor processes, and control the sales flow, project revenues, and other actions necessary for their operational continuity.

Record time

2 months

in the migration of legacy platforms to cloud platforms.

Reach a


in reducing the time in data processing.

Retrieve close to


in the amount that is recovered during the receipt of products.

Among the most important reports developed for the multinational are:

  • General company report

This report integrates valuable data for Walmart. It brings together all stores and shows the commercial and transactional landscape of each store. It is an effective and vital input for decision-making during low-traffic or limited-demand moments. We were able to automate and improve some processes that allowed us to achieve a 98% reduction in processing time and availability of data during peak consumption hours.

  • Product report 

This report is one of Walmart’s most viewed and valued reports. It gives visibility to the products displayed at sales points and their availability and allows grouping, filtering, and accurate comparison. It serves as a control during sourcing moments and the goal of migrating the entire product moving from legacy platforms to cloud platforms in a record time of 2 months was achieved.

  • Sales and customer experience report

This report has two dimensions to analyze: the sales flow for a given time and the customer experience as a percentage. Its purpose is to anticipate complex situations and make decisions at the right time according to the business priorities, which allowed a 20% reduction in meeting times, redirecting the efforts to address the most critical points in the physical store and collaborating with priority identification in an agile manner.

  • Double Control Report 

The purpose of this report is to optimize and/or increase the amount that is recovered during the product intake, improving the control selection algorithm in conjunction with the collaboration of store personnel. In the POC carried out in 1 month in a physical store, it’s possible to recover about 500% of what is done in 1 year.

Walmart and Acid Labs have consolidated as a single team, in such a way that cost savings have become evident and the exploration of new strategic paths has allowed for brand positioning and increased revenues received thanks to innovation and quantitative control that has been carried out with greater thoroughness.

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