ChileCompra and Acid Labs, together toward a transactional channel for government procurement

Chile Compra, with the largest B2B online site in the country, set out to find a strategic business partner to meet major objectives such as:

  • Generate efficiency in public procurement with transparency.
  • Connect with the Public Organizations’ procurement needs.
  • Offer an efficient and transparent procurement framework.
  • Consolidate a space for suppliers to offer their products and services.

Why choose Acid Labs as a strategic partner?

Mercado Público is a transactional platform, managed by the Procurement and Public Hiring Directorate – ChileCompra, where Chile’s public agencies carry out their procurement processes efficiently and transparently. Because of this, they continuously need to strengthen, update and stabilize their online sales channels to facilitate the process and ensure a fast and secure purchasing experience.

Chile Compra favored the capacity and achievements that have allowed Acid Labs to consolidate its position as a strategic and technological reference in e-commerce thanks to its extensive experience in the implementation of online sales channels.

The reasons for ChileCompra’s choice were based on the following:

  • The team’s capacity and knowledge 
  • The wide experience that Acid Labs has with this type of digital projects
  • The certifications that support said experience

What were the objectives of the online sales project?

ChileCompra needed to continue consolidating its framework agreements, which consist of online sales channels to the State through an electronic catalog or online store. In order to do so, the objective was renewing and implementing these agreements on a robust platform, with the advice of an ally that would allow them to reach another level, and that is where Acid Labs came in to play an important and definitive role.

In early 2021 ChileCompra assigned Acid Labs the implementation of three framework agreements, added a fourth a few months later and finally, in December 2021, awarded Acid Labs the implementation of seven framework agreements for software development, cloud infrastructure sales, cleaning and hygiene, vehicle leasing and vital supply products for the country.

Once the relationship was formalized in each of these bids, the work plan organization and the selection of a specialized and qualified human team began in order to achieve this great challenge within the agreed deadlines.

The tenders required that the transactional site’s implementation be carried out with high-quality standards and that maintenance services for the previously implemented online channels be included; the last tender required an upgrade to the version of Magento that was enabled.

What have been the results to date?

For Acid Labs, meeting the client’s expectations is the top priority, which is why from the beginning of the project the concern was having the best team, ensuring adequate conditions and everything necessary to meet the projected deliverables and executions.

This was key for the first transactional channels, or framework agreements for the administration of benefits, vehicles, gas, supplies, and medical devices, to be implemented within the deadlines defined by the client in 2021. The results were positive, exceeding the client’s aspirations, strengthening the strategic relationship, and increasing the trust levels.

“Along with the Chile Compra team, we have succeeded in implementing several framework agreements (virtual stores) in an agile manner. Currently, the team has solid business knowledge, which allows us to have fewer bounces on tickets. We have achieved 100% remote communication with the client which becomes more efficient every day. This has allowed us to have an increasingly more organized and fluid workflow. We are the main supplier to the client and we are very committed to ChileCompra’s dream of contributing to the transformation of public procurement to promote a modern, efficient and effective State for citizens,” says Margaret Comené, Head of Projects of the eCommerce department.  

Efforts towards continuous improvement will continue, in order to maintain results and promote the technological evolution of online sales channels at State level.

What is expected to be achieved this year?

The challenges remain for 2022. With the help of the specialized team involved in the project, the remaining framework agreements are expected to be implemented:

  • Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies
  • Software Development and Maintenance Services and IT Professional Services
  • Laptop, Desktop, and All-in-One Acquisition
  • Fuel Supply
  • Acquisition of Genera Furniture
  • Desktop and Stationery
  • Infrastructure as a Service and Data Link


The premises remain intact and one of them will continue to be present in this project: we will go the extra mile to guide and advise the client with precision, professionalism, and assertiveness until the proposed results are achieved.

Why is Acid Labs the ideal strategic partner?

Acid Labs is looking to take operations to the next level. The efforts are focused on offering a comprehensive service that is completely in tune with the client’s purposes. In this case, the work with ChileCompra went from strategy and project development up to the appropriate plan monitoring, risk assessment, and strategic planning to overcome adversities.

Surely at this point, the question arises: What should performance assessment look like? The answer is clear and is addressed in the following order:

  • Compliance with annual planning
  • Commitment despite state rotation
  • Execution of strategic plans and actions to achieve goals
  • Maintaining deliverable quality 
  • Time management per work cycle