Centralized Cybersecurity System (SOC)

It’s the first interactive SOC platform that administers your security logs, extracting the information you need to make the right security decisions. It drastically reduces workloads and increases the productivity of IT and cybersecurity teams.

What does the industry say?

54% of MPS indicated that phishing is the most common cause for ransomware infection.
27% caused by bad cybersecurity practices by users.
20% by open RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) accesses.

Most common delivery methods and cybersecurity vulnerabilities causing ransomware infections according to MSPs worldwide as of 2020 – Statista

Why does your company need CYREBRO?

CYREBRO is an SOC that visualizes the security threats that affect IT infrastructure in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere in your company. Keep in mind that:

  • 93% of attacks compromise assets in minutes.
  • 78% of incidents resulted from a lack of anti-malware or EDR solutions.
  • 64% of incidents resulted from web-accessible ports and critical services accessible without their respective filters.

Reasons to implement CYREBRO


Breakdown of actionable investigations:

Observes and understands what happens within your network security, what are the vulnerabilities and actions necessary for protecting assets without interrupting business continuity.


Central Cybersecurity Command:

Take control of your cybersecurity operations. It offers a collective vision and an intelligent Cyber-Brain that analyzes and visualizes the most critical incidents across all of your business operations and suggests all possible security solutions.


Maps, hosts index and report generator:

Compiles and processes data of all security solutions in order to render a complete visualization of threats.

Issues investigation reports with a single click based on data and desired queries.

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