A Platform That Protects Your Business’s Users, Applications and Devices.

Cloudflare is the easy path towards Zero Trust with a compatible, Internet-native and future-proofed platform architecture built on the highest-resistance global network.

What does the industry say?

54% of MPS indicated that phishing is the most common cause for ransomware infection.
27% caused by bad cybersecurity practices by users.
20% by open RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) accesses.

Most common delivery methods and cybersecurity vulnerabilities causing ransomware infections according to MSPs worldwide as of 2020 – Statista

Why adapt Cloudflare in your company?

It’s a native internet platform integrated with applications and network services for adopting Zero Trust at your own pace with a bridge to SASE. It’s the easiest path to increasing visibility and reducing excessive risk by relying on remote computers during cloud adoption and current threats, protecting any user who accesses any application from any device or location.  

Verifies, filters, inspects and isolates traffic in a single ultra-fast step within a management interface.

Reasons to implement Cloudflare Zero Trust


Replaces VPN (ZTNA+RBI):

Simplifies and protects any user to access your devices, starting with augmenting VPNs to accelerate access by mergers and acquisitions, contractors, developers or BYOD.


SaaS Security (CASB+CES+RBI):

Makes visible and controls applications, including email. Starts by extending Zero Trust principles to inboxes and detecting security risks in your applications.


Internet Protection (SWG+RBI):

Keep your data safe from threats in any port and protocol; starts by protecting offices and remote workers distributed through DNS filters.

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