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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an electronic commerce platform on the cloud that offers smart purchase experience through different channels. It generates an experience based on online self-service with all the B2B and B2C functionalities you need.

What does the industry say?

59% of companies will develop an interest in implementing Headless Commerce architecture during the next years.

89% of companies use data to personalize shopping experiences in their ecommerce

Highlights from the State of Commerce – Salesforce –

Why implement Salesforce in your company?

Commerce Cloud creates innovative and customized purchase experiences which translate to an increase in client conversion and loyalty, taking you electronic commerce solution to the next level.

B2B Commerce: Unifies your client’s entire journey through agile, scalable and trustworthy commerce. Unlock entries through all your channels with customized commerce experiences.

B2B Commerce: We offer buyers a purchase experience with innovative self-service

Reasons to adapt Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Move fast with flexible tools:

You will save time and money. Quickly launch your electronic commerce with Salesforce Headless.


Automate from discovery to completion:

Simplify processes and reduce costs using these automations.


Customize using
unified data and AI:

Strengthen relations and trust with smart information. 

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