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Guaranteed 24/7 strategic support

VTEX is the leading cloud commerce platform on the market. With VTEX Cloud Commerce you can take full advantage of all the capabilities of this e-commerce platform. It provides you with a reliable and scalable infrastructure that efficiently drives your business growth. With VTEX Cloud, you will provide your customers with an end-to-end omnichannel experience, ensuring seamless and consistent interaction across all sales channels.

Why choose VTEX Cloud Commerce?

End-to-end omnichannel experience: We focus on delivering a consistent and seamless shopping experience across all channels, from website to physical stores.

Scalability and performance: VTEX is highly scalable, which means you can handle large volumes of traffic and transactions without compromising performance.

Native Marketplace: VTEX offers an integrated marketplace, allowing you to expand your business by allowing other sellers to sell on your platform.

At Acid Labs, we have a team of experts who provide specialized support and services for VTEX. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve continuous growth and become a benchmark for the online marketplace.


Learn about the services that will boost your e-commerce on VTEX

As VTEX e-commerce experts, we’re prepared to provide you with services that ensure your online business’s operational continuity. We achieve this goal as well as many others by taking the following actions:

VTEX Platform Upgrade and Maintenance

The "Platform Management & Support" service is a continuous improvement service that allows you to improve and evolve your e-commerce platform in a planned and controlled manner. We work following an agile methodology and use a work plan to carry out the tasks that allow you to meet your business objectives.

Specialized VTEX technical support

We ensure that each implementation's scope is monitored to guarantee effective development. In addition, to provide you with a more complete service, we have split support and continuous improvement into two different teams. This way, we can provide you with fast and efficient support, as well as continuous and planned evolving development.

VTEX version upgrades

We are constantly up-to-date, which is why we accompany our clients and execute VTEX's newest versions so that your e-commerce can work under the latest modalities, making your operation more efficient.

VTEX advisory and consulting services

We provide advice and consulting for all companies wishing to explore VTEX features or new updates, our experts will be present at all times to answer questions and guide you through each stage.

Complementing the aforementioned services, Acid Labs optimizes e-commerce performance in VTEX and manages its IT security in order to minimize cyber risks.

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Why choose Acid Labs as a VTEX partner?

We create customized digital solutions that drive your company’s growth, taking it to the next level with the help of experts in digital business and development.

With experience in over 1000 digital projects in various industries, we understand your pain points and suggest the right solutions to make your online business shine.

We are a strategic partner for your business. By deeply understanding your goals, we collaborate to create technological solutions that accelerate your digital business growth.

Frequently asked questions about e-commerce on VTEX

VTEX offers innovative alternatives for displaying a complete catalog of products within a digital environment. It boosts conversion with artificial intelligence; is a low-code platform, composed of different programming spaces which makes it a friendly interface; reinforces security with verification filters; allows integration with different software; promotes an omnichannel approach across the company’s sales channels; among others. Migrate to VTEX and check out its high-efficiency level!

Acid Labs has the best experts in VTEX. We handle implementation, take care of integration with other applications, delve into the platform’s new versions, provide 24/7 technical support and guarantee optimal operation at all times. We advise our clients to help them evolve and respond to the future’s demands.

Yes, we have the best professionals to manage e-commerce migrations onto the VTEX platform. We guarantee a strategic plan from the very beginning so as not to disrupt the site’s operation.

We solve all incidents that may affect your digital business’ operational continuity. We optimize efficiently to improve site performance and monitor constantly to avoid risks or failures during high-demand periods. Our assistance is permanent because we want your e-commerce to respond to the end user’s needs without interruptions.

Yes! We have extensive experience in both implementing and supporting e-commerce for different industries. We are knowledgeable in trends, the latest features, and efficient development methodologies that simplify managing specialized platforms such as VTEX.