Migrating to the cloud will grow your business efficiently

Migrating to the cloud is one more step towards digital transformation. Modern companies prefer to move their information to a cloud technology that has high capacity and directly favors business operations.

Why migrate to the cloud?

+45%  operational efficiency*

-45%  of cyber incidents*

+73%  agility to create new applications*

+100% return on investment (ROI)*

*Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Data

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Business benefits of migrating to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud allows secure hosting and access to the organization’s data or assets, as well as providing advantages such as:

You will not only optimize workload time but also infrastructure and IT support costs.

You reduce IT systems that are not essential to your operations.

You will be able to execute actions with high performance regardless of the user’s location.

It facilitates data and application protection since its security system is integrated.

Types of cloud migration

The process of migrating data from a local server to the servers that make up the cloud infrastructure.

In some cases, businesses prefer to keep part of their assets on local servers and the rest in the cloud.

Many organizations prefer to organize their data in different clouds, this option allows them to migrate data from one to the other easily.

Allows migrating to the cloud from core systems such as Linux, SAP, SQL, Windows Server, among others.

Challenges to overcome during cloud migration

Large-scale data migration requires organization and expert advice to prevent data loss

It’s important to implement a cybersecurity plan to address vulnerabilities.

Carry out the migration with a specialized provider to avoid business downtime.

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