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Data analytics is becoming a permanent presence in the business world. Nowadays, the best strategies emerge from quantitative actions that guide the way toward making agile and accurate decisions.

Empower your operation with data analytics

That’s what Walmart, the U.S. multinational supermarket chain, did. Through data, it increased revenue, centralized sales flow, organized processes, and maintained operational continuity.

Let's look at global statistics for Data Analytics & BI

Data is a company’s main asset, so it must be organized, manipulated, and channeled in a way that makes it easy and practical to understand because:

90% of the data is recent and requires expeditious treatment.

Companies analyze only 12% of the data in their possession.

Fake or untruthful data can cost US $3.1 billion annually

*Source: DataIQ

Data analysis and BI services

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence services to drive your business forward

Advanced Analytics

We integrate data mining techniques, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with a focus on MLOps best practices, streamlining decision-making and contributing to the maturity process with advanced analytics. We offer solutions such as:

Data Consulting

We assist in roadmap construction that contains a complete business vision, as well as a detailed, orderly, and sequenced route to build analytical platforms that provide integrated, secure, and high-quality information. 

Business Intelligence allows us to build interactive ways to visualize data in a friendly way. Additionally, it’s useful for detecting and extracting insights, patterns, and trends that impact the conversion rate.

Data Mentoring

We train companies to analyze and use data strategically, so that users develop questions and, in turn, they can be solved in a number-based context.

What benefits do our data solutions offer?

Data is an open door to exploring new business opportunities and reaching the right person at the right time. The Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics services we offer provide the following advantages:

Agile decision-making

Analyzing data sources in an agile way makes formulating decisions an immediate action based on situations that need to be corrected on the spot.

Sales prediction

Strategic data analysis allows companies to stay one step ahead. Its methodology allows mapping key indicators to devise strategies to increase sales.

Reduced operating costs

Data technology facilitates data collection, management and analysis processes, reducing efforts, minimizing expenses in manual operations, and finding efficient methods to increase productivity.

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If you choose to work with a data and analytics agency as your partner:

  • You’ll have experts in the field who can help you get the most out of your data.
  • You’ll have access to more accurate and updated information, allowing you to make more informed decisions.
  • You’ll use advanced data analytics tools that will allow you to easily identify patterns and trends.
  • You’ll receive personalized data analysis consulting, so you can focus on your core business areas, saving time and resources.

Advanced marketing analytics can provide valuable insights about your target audience, measure your marketing campaign’s effectiveness, predict customer behavior, and optimize your customer experience, which is why it’s essential to have the support of a marketing analytics company.

Data is vital because it guides initiatives and business projects of all kinds, as it provides a true picture and leads to specific objectives.

Business Intelligence (BI) consists of a set of technologies that is applied to organizations to improve decision-making capabilities, perform data mining tasks, analyze business information, create reports and improve operational processes. It’s ideal for working on historical data and significantly impacting business performance management.


On the other hand, Data Analytics seeks to convert raw and unstructured data into a quantitative format that is understandable to users, with the aim of strengthening business operations, and transforming and cleaning data that is a driving source for decision-making.

To measure an e-commerce’s performance you should analyze its conversion rate, the number of transactions, average tickets, users, bounce rate, and the duration of each session.

BI companies specialize in providing business intelligence expertise, services, and solutions. They can assist your organization in a wide variety of areas, including data analysis, Power BI service, data modeling, dashboard design, implementation, training, and ongoing support. Business intelligence companies possess the knowledge and experience to ensure your BI initiatives are successfully implemented and their value is maximized.