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E-commerce continues to push the boundaries. Companies, regardless of their economic sector, see digital commerce as a lifeline to face the new purchasing behaviors that are emerging. Users are looking for immediate response to their needs, so an online store must stand out for being robust, operating across multiple channels, and being technologically innovative.

e-Commerce: The key to business growth

The first thing you should know is that e-commerce is part of the global digital restructuring of companies, the competition is so strong that whoever offers the fastest solutions, pleasant shopping experiences, and an attractive product, will be the one to capture and retain the largest number of customers. 

This data demonstrates the key contribution of digital commerce in the sector:

Monthly projection

A well-adapted eCommerce that is synchronized with the online customer’s real needs will be able to maintain a stable sales average, however, there are peak months, such as November, that include Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Abandonment rate

The retail sector has the lowest abandonment rate since its focus is on mass consumption. This statistic should ensure a good average ticket, a variety of payment methods, a positive shopping experience, etc.

Take advantage of our eCommerce solutions and turn your business into a benchmark in the digital market.

How do we make your e-commerce a leader in the industry?


We create strategies and execute specific actions to position e-commerce in search engines so that it becomes visible to specific searches and has a presence in the first places of the SERP.

UX Desing

We identify problems to be solved and guarantee an optimal user experience that leads to an action (purchase, subscription, clicks, etc). It is related to how the person feels at the end of the navigation.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

We maximize your website’s value by thoroughly reviewing and implementing best practices, including topics such as UX/UI, site speed, conversion funnel, development strategy and more.

Web Analytics

We track KPIs, monitor user behavior and optimize digital campaigns. With our web analytics services, clients will be able to make informed decisions based on accurate and updated data.

We develop and maintain the e-Commerce operational continuity

e-Commerce implementation

We are the strategic ally you need to implement an eCommerce that never stops selling. We advise you starting from the choice of e-commerce platform all the way to its consolidation in the competitive digital market.

e-Commerce support and evolution

We solve issues or possible failures that may jeopardize e-commerce operations. In addition, we update and prepare your e-commerce for high-traffic moments.

Custom integrations and developments

We enhance eCommerce performance with new features and integrations that simplify searches or speed up the purchasing process. Additionally, we create developments that strengthen and maximize the online channel’s operability.

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We answer your questions about the world of e-Commerce

The initial step is to perform a diagnosis to identify the factor or factors that are preventing a purchase from being completed. With these results, you will be able to take the appropriate corrective actions. At Acid Labs, we maximize your e-commerce performance with thorough reviews and best practices that improve the user experience, reduce conversion steps and increase average transactions.

Choosing the e-commerce platform is perhaps the most important step. There are many alternatives, different features, and capabilities that vary according to the traffic you receive. In order to make the right decision, it is important to identify your e-commerce’s maturity level, to know your target audience, and to define the scope of your business (multi-country or single location). With this information, you will have a clearer idea that will be essential when making the final choice.

  • Omnichannel shopping experiences: It is the connection and synchronization that exists between the sales channels of a company, they do not act separately, but as a unit in order to complete a sale successfully.
  • Mobile Commerce: It is the modality that allows making purchases through mobile devices, usually based on a strategy that allows for providing the best shopping experience.
  • Social Commerce: It is a form of online sales that occurs thanks to the interaction of users in different social networks.
  • Flexibility in fulfillment: A logistics technique that allows orders to be shipped from any distribution warehouse or store.
  • Marketplaces: They are transactional sites that act as intermediaries for different brands to give visibility to their product portfolios.
  • AI & Data: Data analysis and artificial intelligence have arrived to boost e-commerce. The first helps in decision-making, as it allows one to know the buying behavior of a user so as to customize communication and provide a timely solution. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is key to showing solutions according to the real interests of the online customer.
  • Customer experience: The user experience is essential, a potential conversion or a high abandonment rate depends on it, so you must ensure that you implement good UX/UI practices, align with trends such as responding to voice searches, and ensure a pleasant navigation with interactive products.

At Acid Labs we have a trained team that will support you from the get-go, advising you on the choice of e-commerce platform, taking care of the entire implementation process, guaranteeing an optimal response in times of high demand, and reducing operational failures with a high-level evolutionary service.

Artificial intelligence has a very important predictive function, it is ideal for strengthening search engines and providing accurate answers. In addition, it is useful for cross-selling strategies because it can communicate products according to the buyer’s interests. At Acid Labs, we’ll tell you exactly how to implement AI in your e-commerce!

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