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On average, 63% of companies have increased their digital marketing budget. This increase in investment does not seem to be slowing down and it is expected that by 2026, the annual growth rate will reach 9%.

But why this interest? It can be explained as the accelerated return on investment provided by digital channels such as paid media, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing, among others. In fact, multiple studies agree that potential customers arrive through digital marketing.

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Why does digital marketing services increase online sales?

There are many reasons, but these are the ones highlighted by industry specialists:

Greater visibility

A digital marketing strategy makes the company more visible in high-traffic media, increases its notoriety, and generates brand awareness, which can lead to more sales and higher customer retention.

Guaranteed profitability

Digital marketing specialists focus on specific needs with a calculated budget, ideally communicating what sparks interest in order to achieve an outstanding ROI that makes the digital channels profitable.

Stronger business-client relationship

On many occasions, having an online presence creates a feeling of trust for your clients, which is why it is essential to reward them with a fast, secure service that lives up to their expectations.

Adaptability and new formats

Digital marketing allows you to explore new channels and formats according to trends or a company’s activity on specific media, i.e., you can choose the most effective channel to reach your target audience.

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How does Acid Labs do digital marketing for e-commerce?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

We increase your business revenue through data-driven strategies that improve your digital channels process. In order to accomplish this, we perform:

We improve website performance, user experience, and conversion rate with our practical recommendations from experts in CRO, UX/UI, and digital experience.

We empower your digital business with continuous growth strategies adapted to the buyer journey.

We implement actions to improve a landing page’s loading time and performance, according to its objective.


We provide an in-depth overview of the key points you need to optimize in order to rank highly with major search engines like Google. How do we make it happen? Here’s how!

We make actionable recommendations to improve web store visibility in search engines, strengthen its positioning and increase organic traffic.

We discover potential keywords for your business so that you can increase organic traffic and online appearances.

We build a complete SEO strategy to achieve your online positioning and organic traffic goals, with an advanced audit and an overview to make concrete improvements.


We increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating seamless and enjoyable digital experiences using services such as:

We evaluate your website or application’s current user experience and identify opportunities for improvement.

We update your website’s interface and user experience with a modern and attractive design on any platform.

We assess your information architecture and user interaction to optimize navigation, usability, and accessibility in order to boost conversion rates.

Web Analytics

We empower clients to make data-driven decisions and provide practical information and comprehensive reports with specialized dashboards, quantitative ecosystems, and on-site tracking.

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