High-level e-commerce support and maintenance

E-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. Companies that adopt a digital commerce strategy experience a 10% to 25% increase in conversion rates and a 25% to 100% increase in online revenue. However, many companies still have questions and concerns about the use of technology in their e-commerce strategy.

29%  are concerned about the complexity of technology and its integration with existing systems.

27% are concerned about data security and consumer privacy.

25% are concerned about the lack of IT talent and resources.

Source: Forrester

Technological solutions for eCommerce

E-commerce platform maintenance and upgrades

A service designed to keep your e-commerce platform up to date and running efficiently. We carry out the activities under a planned work plan and keep strict control of the client’s roadmap with an agile methodology approach.

Technological safety management

A service focused on ensuring the company’s e-commerce safety. Our main objective is to keep the platform updated with recent software versions. We implement the latest updates and security patches to reduce the risk of vulnerability.

Performance optimization

We focus on improving software performance. We perform a thorough code analysis, identify bottlenecks and implement solutions to improve system speed and efficiency. In addition, we make infrastructure and resource management improvements to ensure that the software performs optimally.

Specialized tech support

Specialized support for e-commerce platforms including incident resolution and advice about products and transactions.

  • We reduce prolonged downtime due to unexpected incidents.
  • We support day-to-day operations with an expert e-commerce platform support team.
  • We simplify processes with our designated support team for after-hours contingencies.
  • We reduce the risk of lost sales. We monitor your business and anticipate issues.

Why are we the e-commerce partner your company needs?

We create customized digital solutions to boost your company’s growth with experts in technical development and digital business.

We are a strategic partner that deeply understands your needs and goals, collaborating to create technology solutions that help you grow.

With over 1000 digital projects in various industries, we know the pain points and the right recommendations to make your e-commerce stand out.

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