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Our Staff Augmentation solution allows you to quickly and effectively grow your team with the very best IT professionals. We work alongside you to identify and select highly qualified experts who will integrate seamlessly into your projects, boosting your company’s performance and efficiency.

Lead new talent in the region

Assign responsibilities

Train professionals for new technology

Monitor your projects’ performance

Our service allows companies to free up time for other essential strategy tasks.

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Why choose Acid Labs as your IT staff outsourcing?

The technology talent acquisition efficiently, you need an partner that specializes in staff augmentation using an agile methodology. With Acid Labs as a Staffing provider, you’ll achieve fast and high-quality recruitment in the IT sector, which will allow you to:

  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Decrease staff turnover rate
  • Maintain a skilled team for each challenge
  • Minimize external risks with operational flexibility
  • Increase your project productivity
  • Accelerate performance in each area with the right team

And there are more reasons! Check out these global figures on Staffing Augmentation

70% of companies in the IT sector foresee a shortage of qualified personnel in the upcoming years.
+85 million IT positions won’t be covered in 2030, which means missing out on huge amounts of investment for business development.
14 G20 countries could lose up to $11.5 billion in aggregate GDP growth due to a failure to find people with the necessary tech skills to bridge the digital divide.

*Source: DevSkiller – 76 technology hiring and human resources statistics for 2023.

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With our IT Staffing service, you’ll have the best team working on your projects.

Get answers to your questions about Staffing Augmentation

  1. It streamlines the company’s operational processes;
  2. It accelerates candidate selection processes with greater accuracy; 
  3. It reduces employee turnover;
  4. It avoids the risk of inaccurate hiring;
  5. It finds the highest-skilled professionals;
  6. It reduces expenses for product development, among others.

It’s completely flexible. Our Staff Augmentation service adapts to your company’s needs so that it can access a higher level of knowledge and increase the profitability percentage. This enables a fast response time in the face of technological developments and market demands.

In project outsourcing, the company delegates project execution to an external provider. The opposite happens with the Staff Augmentation service as it prioritizes consolidating an in-house team with specialized IT profiles to enrich and speed up certain strategic tasks.

When choosing the ideal supplier, keep the following items in mind:

  • Agility in recruiting IT profiles
  • The time it takes to execute tasks
  • Saving in contracting costs
  • Service level assessment
  • New talent control and training

The terms “IT staffing companies” and “IT staffing agencies” are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. IT staffing companies provide IT staffing services directly to businesses, while IT staffing agencies serve as intermediaries between businesses and IT professionals. However, the distinction between the two can vary, and some firms may operate as both a staffing company and an agency.

Yes, it’s possible. A company can internalize the IT resources coming from a Staffing service selectively. It all depends on the company’s actual needs, the priorities that need to be executed, and stipulated times, internal management permits having more comprehensive control.