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Why choose Acid Labs as you strategic partner for Staffing?

We combine our expertise in technology to select and conduct the talent that best fits your projects, accelerating your road to success.
We cut down on hiring costs and turnover rates
We have a capable team for each challenge
We increase productivity of your projects and accelerate results
We are experts in several areas including development, data analytics, cloud, quality and infrastructure

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We listen to your needs

We consider the technological and cultural aspects of your project, while taking in account your unique mindset.


We explore the best options

We look for the talent that best serves your projects, backed up by our experience in technology.

Interviews and technical evaluation

We ensure that talent excels in technical aspects and seamlessly integrates into your team.

Solve all your questions about Staff Augmentation
  • Streamlining operational processes in companies.
  • Facilitating the accurate and swift selection of candidates.
  • Reducing employee turnover.
  • Avoiding the risk of inaccurate hires.
  • Finding professionals with the best skills.
  • Reducing expenses in product development.

It is entirely flexible. Our Staff Augmentation service fully adapts to your company’s needs, allowing you to access a higher level of knowledge and increase profitability. This flexibility not only ensures a rapid response to technological advancements but also the ability to meet changing market demands. At Acid Labs, we are committed to assisting your team in advancing and adapting at the pace your company requires.

In project outsourcing, the company delegates the execution of a project to an external provider. In contrast, with the Staff Augmentation service, we prioritize building an in-house team with specialized IT profiles. This not only enriches but also streamlines internal strategic tasks. In summary, while outsourcing focuses on project externalization, Staff Augmentation empowers your internal team with specialized talent. With this approach you can carry out the project in the best possible way under your regulatory frameworks and standards.

When choosing the ideal provider, consider the following points:
  • You need a partner who can quickly identify and select IT talent.
  • Evaluate the partner’s efficiency in meeting deadlines and executing tasks.
  • Look for solutions that optimize costs associated with hiring personnel.
  • Ensure that the partner has clear metrics to assess and maintain a high level of service.
  • Choose a partner that offers effective control and training programs for new talent, ensuring their continuous development and seamless integration.
  • Make sure to choose a partner that not only offers staffing services but also has experience in project development and consulting. This allows you to benefit from their expertise, discuss the project at hand, and evaluate solutions together.
Yes, it is possible! At Acid Labs, we offer the possibility of selectively internalizing IT resources from our Staffing service. It depends on specific needs, priorities that need to be executed, and established deadlines. Internal management is not only possible but also provides more comprehensive control over talent.
With over 16 years of experience, at Acid Labs, we excel in various areas to find the perfect talent for your projects:
  • Software Development: Adding Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, and Mobile developers to drive your projects.
  • Data Strategy & Analytics: Featuring Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and BI Engineers.
  • Cloud Engineering: To improve project efficiency, we provide DevOps, Site Reliability, Cybersecurity, and Cloud experts.
  • Quality Engineering: Offering QA Analyst, Automation Engineer, and Performance Tester talents.
  • Agile Management: Facilitating agile adoption with professionals such as Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, and Product Owners, boosting agility in your projects.
  • Customer Experience: Featuring talents such as UX Researcher, UI Designer, and Customer Insights.
  • Platform Augmentation: For platforms like Salesforce and Adobe Commerce, we offer experts who optimize implementation and customization.
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