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Cloud to cloud migration (AWS to GCP)
improves browsing experience on educational platform

eClass: Digital education company with locations in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay that provides training and education services through a digital platform to educational institutions, companies, and individuals.

Challenge: The Learning Management System (LMS) was experiencing issues with slowness and poor performance due to API response latency and the separation between the database engine on GCP and the workloads on AWS, which tripled the response time.

Solution: A multidisciplinary team from Acid Labs successfully completed the migration of infrastructure from AWS to GCP, overcoming technical challenges and delays in the process.

Digital store architecture reengineering

(Vtex & Salesforce) accelerate commercial campaigns

Cencosud is a Chilean Holding with presence in Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Peru, Colombia and the US. It runs on supermarkets, homes, stores, malls and financial services.

Challenge: Modifying content and appearance of the ecommerce platform took weeks and the engines could not withstand high demand periods, causing interruptions and lost sales during special events.

Solution: A team made up by 3 Acid Labs’ talents and 1 from Cencosud developed an integrated CMS with Vtex and Salesforce Commerce to manage content at a regional level.